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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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preparing to honor the king of pop we fally know where his family and friends wi finally pay a tribute to mhael jkson. > meantim the mother o jackson's two oldest children says she wants cusdy. is there still hope of redemption for mark sanford. in one week authorities clear him of using funds to see his miress, and his wife says sh
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forgives him his holay weekend the jacksonamily is planning a fa fare well for the king of pop. we expect to get details on th memorial this afternoon and jackson prepared for his series of concerts in london. and this is showing a seemingly healthy ckson. and what we know so far about this memorial? i know the details have been changing. wh is confirmed so far? >> reporter: first were hearing neverland,nd now it's athe sple center's on tuesday. and 11,000 tickets will be given out free o chge. we expect hear more at news conference later this morning. that will hapn 1:00 p.m.
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eastern, and 11:00 p.m. on the west coast. and what is important to know here is they were going to do it at neverland, and then at the d they decided the staple's center would be the best place to do it. now the attney general has joined i as to whether prescripti drugs played a role in jackson's death. whatsthe role of th aorney geral now? >> he has adatabase that nitors all prescriptions everme we in to fill a prescription. and th attorney general has t information and the te and the quantity of the medication. what they e hoping to do is look for any overages, and you
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already have the d.e.a. the drugnforcement ministration, and e investigators fromhe l.p.d. people may have seen the nue th says that jackson asked her for the powerful drug that we call dip prau van. what c you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, we learned that thepolice did take that drug out o michael jacksos house. and it is an anaestheti i have hea pley of tm say it's so strong it's something that you should ly use in a hospital. ny doctorshat i have been watching are surprisedit would
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ever be use outse of the hospital. and so they want topeak to this nurse who says that jackson in the days before his death asked her for the dr. e says that she refused. they want to talk to her about that to fure out and get to the bottom of the possible pill addictio >> thank you, jeff. and there is a custody battle brewing over the fate of jacksos o children. debby rowe said she wanted her children back and would seek a restraing or against jackson's father, joe jackson. then an attorney for rwe came out and said that she has n reacd aal division. and in his will michael jackson requested that his mother, therine ckson, raise the three children. and chuck, great to see you. debby rowe lked to you pretty
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consistentlyver the past 15 years. what dyou make now of the flip-flopping what she td you and what her attorney says. i know we were seeing word come down after your interview of her, and it sound definitive, and she was saying, i want those kids. >> the attorney in the press conference, which was put together hasty, and i was done telephonically, so there was no questions afterwards, a he said th report that we initiallga was accurate and ethically sound. on one port he says what we reported was accurate, a then he said she still ha not made a decision. i can understand both points of the view coming from a legal side. >> chuck, eight ars ago as you know, debby rowe said you
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earn the title of parentnd i have done nothing to rn that tle. does she say anything about her asoning now? >> y, she sa we had an agreement anhe did notive up to his end, meaning he died. itas always her impression that he would lead a long life. and since hisead itwas her view everything ced. and there s one time when she went officer the children, and whps jackson took them to a gulf nation. and then it ses like, you know, she wants to g after the children. >> chu, you know, there have been theuestions of just how much in debt michael jackson s,ut accordinto reports jackson may leave behind $200 million in assets once all is said anddone.
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people will ask the question, is she doing is for the money? >> i have to te you, monica, in all of the times tat i have talked with debbi rowe,she never has brought up money at all. >> let's talk about the child they calllanket," michael jr. and would she take on a third child as well? >> i asked her aut that, and she said that she would. she said it w not her decision, d she understands 's a decision t court has to makend she hasno controlover that whatsoever. have you spoketo her about what kind of contact shehas with the kids over the years. how much time does she g to spend with them? >> i cannotell you how ch time. i do knoit's difficult f her to see the children becse there are so many layers you have to go through to get
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permission. when she has visitation say you became sick a there was a conflict in some way, it beces diffict to see th and you it and canno make u iannot say how many tim she has seen the children. >> since we are talk to this, i have to mention, years ago was an intern in your news room, and you were all very kd t me, and good to see you again. >> it's good to see you again. we are sitting so distance here. >> take care. okay, bye. here was 100hours docuntary of jackson preparing for the tor. in addition to af the albums he has put out ove the ar llboard magazine reportehe was working on tw more at the time o his death. one was p music, and the other
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classil. coming up, we will talk about how the cy is preping r the hugeclouds thatis expected to show up on tuesday. >>afte spending the holiday at camp david,resident obama will travel to russi and ahead of h meeting, the president hardened his stan against the country. >> i think that it's iortant that even as we move forward wi the president, the putin understands thathe oldold war approaches the u.s. russian relations is outdad. >>snbc's mike viqueira is at the white house.
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what does the president hope to accomplish? >> reporter: yeah, we are going into the mting now with the at some of the situations, and some of the sticking pointsn the u.s./ssia relationship. ruia is very upset abt the american plan hatched during the bush administration is scaled back during thebama adnistrati administrati, and the situatioon georgia on the southern bord of russia, a the stance where russia invaded georgia, an the security forces and ethc russians whin that state the president is ying russia has one foot in the old way of doing business, and one foot the new. that's something tt he is expected toaddress, along with areas of cooperation, fraly. and on north korea, russia
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joined in th new touer sations against north korea and eir missile proliferation. and the old feelinghat it a game where if united states is strong that means russia is weak, and vice versa. and that'shat obama wants to address. >> we are hearing back from a spokesperson from putinhat the president is their opinion notnformed if that's his thought. let's turn theables re, because it's a holiday weekend, an it's time to tal birthdays. and we will go to the russia summ to birthdays. tell me about her. repr: president obama in that interview made reference to the fact that there were 20 yog ladies awaiting the arrival to hel malia celebrat her 11th birthday. they are coming back tomorrow to
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see the fireworks. sounds lika good t will b had byall, monica. i am sure it ll. we will not be there, of course, but we will hear about it. we we will have to take. and during biden's fst trip to iraq as vice president, has meeting scheduled. he arrived on day that mbings killed at least the pele in the aa of bagh thfit sign of vionce since the iraqi forces took over. sevel soiers have been wounded, and meanwhile u.s. ficials aretaying mum on the disarance of asolder who was believed to have been kidnapped on tuesday. there were details provided
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about the soldier's identit he is sid to be taken to a mote area. this is cing om the u.s. coast guard. and tey areeahing lake erie for four fisherman. their boat saled fom mroe a day go. and they le sterli park, michigan, thursday moning. and family members were concerd and contacted the coast gud thursday night. since that time according the commander, boa and helicopters and othertypes of aircraft from the u.s. and canada have been lookg the men. again, aoast guard sear in lake ere, for foursherman. we will updateou when we get an update on that. and then a swa of bees to over left field. there is a good shot of it.
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delayed the game for nearly an hour. and aee keeper had to come in before they could declarehe area safe. we will have a repo on the staple cente and a new report and a cia leak, and doe it shed new light dick cheney role. and we want to make the e mot of every day w with themem that's why we shop at walmart. they grarant unbeatableririces on allllf our cookt farites, so we can grill oumore often. because summer i't't about how much youou spend, but who you spend it with. mmmm costs less at walmartrt. save money. live better. waart.
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a mssouri mom may be off e e ho for rr reein a a space hoax on a a 13-yeyearldld girl thh later committed susuide. she ththre out her coiction for accecessg g heaccount.
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an she sent f fliatatio messages toto megan in his name. anand e fake boy dumped her in a message sayinghehe worldouould be betteter o o withouther. and m menn m may later killed rself. and i talklkedoo h mom abobo the judge'sdecision. >> i think it'ss sendndgg a stememt out andeesse ou to some th,, you knkn what,, you cacan ill do whatever you want on the mputer, and click on the trms of servicece button withthou p ping tetentn to it, dd do what you want. if you wantt arass ssomody, harassss sebebod >> the judge sa his ruungng is ntntate until heissues it in writing,g, and h h could changes mimi.. preparations are u uder way for a memoririalt t th staple center in loos gegeleand a venue that only hoold 20,000 peopop.. and we are joed live from the
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staple center. jackson had miioions o o ans. is thehe splple centerr and the cicity of los angeles abletoto handle the dend for the tickets. reporter: we are about to findout. it holds onlyly 20,000. and the plann rht now,, as fa asee understand it, o on 11,000 tickets wiwill be madevvaible to the p pubc,c, free of charge. we w wil f fd out later athe press conference w whoill be chosen, and i if there willlle ttery syee atat mns there will be aa lot of people th wantoo show u thatat c't'tet tickcks,s, a they will h havaa s serarate reviewig airkrau. and who will y for it? and remember when the lakers won
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e e ampionship, they kicked in h help with the priceagag for that celebration. w wl hear abouthat in a fewew hours here. all is known fo certain, it will be next esesy att 10000 a.m.ooca time here in lolos angeles. some people are waking up and seeingghhis videdeooror the first time this morning. you spoke tohe concertrt promotot t tha rereleededhat clip. whwhatere you hearingngfrom the foss tt you spokok to about people thatt w we there a a wha they thought about michael jajackn'n' conditioion o days bebefo h he died? >>haha was fascinating, theyey heherd us into theprprs room too watch it. anandhaha was michaeae jackson li as a performer a aththis age of his life? years awayy fm the spotlight and any pererrmrman that was note worthy i in any way.
8:21 am
the headlines wase can'ting and d he has novoice, , anddthtr were other heheadnene sayinge was a physysalal wreck that she wasryryinto sabotage. and y see mm dancncinnd hitting high notes. still an extraorornanary and unusual vvoi.. and it was like, uh-huh, maybe it was n not th same a a the michchae jackson "tririer," t this was mimichll jackskson nging 48 hourur b befe his death. and they were sayingg he may hae hadroblems that weidn't know ouout,nd he wasas w worngng ande never sasaw a hint ofhese prprlems. he h had aull dress rehehrsrsal sssshan 48 hurur before he ededand here is t theidideond proof. >>. .
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and regagaining his extra matal affair and fundsspspe andd h his wife ys, hey,, she forgives him.m. bubu isark s sanrd off the hook with voters? and whats g goi on behind the scenes w wh michael jackson family? thth's ahead here on msnbc. the great americ holiday is here and re's something tcelebrate - the gmc 72-housale.
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>new this morning, d domeme just feded in federal court reveals that former vice presidenent,iciccheney talalke with whihi h hou officials ababu how to r reond to r repteter quesesonons out who leaked the identity of a cia a opatate. joseseph wilson ititiced the bush aministration.
8:26 am
and j joingmeme ve from washington, d.c. iss a reertrte for politico. it has bebe whileince we talked aboututhehe story.y. explain the significance o of h headline totoda > w thiseaeans is the justiciceeertment is disclosing previolyly u unkwnwn factsf f t extent of the vice p predede's inlvement about how eyey we going g to handle the leaking o valerie plame's identitity what they don't tell u us iss exactly what cheney saiaid in t conversatition the assistant attorney genener in thiss administrtratnn is arguing before the relelanan ststri court,, d disclosing that i infmamati wouldd impede inintealal investigation by havg a chilling fect sayinghhr commenentsoo investigatorsrs cl e e y become pupubc. > is iererting. when they hehe the obama
8:27 am
ministration isfighting in court tokeep the substanance reveal what cheney said to the public, andd ttakes thth wonder what a abo t t trtrcece pair see t the promisis.. >> yeaah, and it might be as surpririsi t toome folksto seee barack obama's justicee papartnt sticking for enen's privacycy. but thereress some t thgsgsny prpresent will want to prprott. >> a aleurns from politico. thank you,alex. >ststil ahead, how the p pli will b be remembering michael jackson's s li andsic. we will hahave a l liv report f the staple's center i ilolos angeles coming u up. thehe 7hohourale is on. wititzezerpercent apr for 72 months o osesele '09 chevy momods.s. including silvlvadado e. ith an epa estimated 21 mpg highway. that's better than toyota tundra.a. aandowow g zero percent apr for 72 months on any ' '09
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welcom back. i am monica novotny. 30 minuteser the hour, and are expecting a 1:00 news coerence on the public memorial at the staple center in
8:31 am
los angeles atill be held on tuesday. and authities are bracing for tens of tusands of fans. d thetaple centers where michael had been rearsing for the 50-date concert series. this shows the star dancing and singingduring one of the rehearls. and joining me is michael. what do we know abt tuesy's memorial? >> not a lot of details at this point. we know it will srt about 10:00 on the morningof tuesy. and there ll be a press conference later this morning, as you said, where we assume some city officialsnd concert promoters wi give us more details about what is expected and how lawgisticly this will wo. and there is a massive ierest in michael jackson. what we understand is at about 11,000 tickets are going tbe distbud to fans out there. just how that is ging to happen
8:32 am
expect to be cleared up at the press cference this morning. we also know th the staple center holds 20,000 people. it has thatkind of capity. and based on whatever configuration you ple at it. and so they are epecting so ny more than the numb of tickets that theare going to issue thecacity of the stles center. tens of thousands o people, possibly i have been talking to fans for the last 48 hours, andeople have been gatherg outside of michael jackson's family's compnd in encino, and i can tell you there a people from all overthe world there. a couple that ca in from germany, and twoisters that came in from trinidad, and they were makin their way to neverland, until they found out neverland was not going to happen. officials concernedbout how it will wok l, anthey will
8:33 am
have toave an overflow place. >> amondering if they have plannewhen peopleill show up at thetaples center, setting up camp hoping there will be a overflow ea. >> well,hey were already talking yesterday even before had become offici. police were talking about settingp the location down here, blocking off reets and closing res altogetherand putting up the red lons in order to create pces where people might cp out. we have not seen of that starting yet. and police are expecting the onslot essentially. >> michael, thank you so muc >> a after speculation o when and whehe memorial
8:34 am
plans would go on. t what about the family. >> the family has been hard t geeverybody on the samepae. have eightsiings he who are not l close. there is a lot of disagreemes. i want to be blt, and there is a lot of peoe side the ckson family thatant to be omoting things and wantheir face out the, and you are looking at trying to have a futu, making aing off of th gacy. d i don't y that to be kr, but that's the reality, the jackson name. and they are trying to rsurrect jackson's image.
8:35 am
>>nd the family planned to char the publ to attend the memorialservice. was that t case. >>epter: one of the oblems with reporting on the story is a thght goes through somebody's head, and en suddenly it leaks and gets put outhere in the machine, and it's sort of thing where u have to ok into it. by virtue of the fact that you are lookingnto it, it becomes a story of it's own. was it floated? re it was. i don't think th jacksons were log at all profit off the memoal. it's not sometnghat they wanted to have happen. >> yea certainly theyre ieving and they feel that he left a legacy, and they want it toe honored in a certain way. and finay, the jacks family had the second autopsy performed. do we know when the will be sults om that orwhen they might release mor informatio er >> reporter:e are waiting to
8:36 am
hear first the release information before we will hear is whathe private pns are for thefamily. they are really trying to go in fac phases athis point. let's get th brial and the memorial taken ca of. the family focus is on the memorial. and th are n trying to pu out statements about debby rowe, and then in terms of what the family will say about things, it's alloing to be the message of the memorial for now. >> i see theorial behind you, a the fans leaving thin, and does that continue grow? >> reporter: yeah, what i got here, i thght well, a lot of balloons from ovnight. i was here as it was becoming nighttime last ght, and i noticed a lot more ns. right now you have to member whatime it is on theest
8:37 am
coast, and fanson't show until 10:00 or so here in california. but definitely, or the last sevel days, i have noticed that peoe are not losing interest in is we are eht days out, and still more and more people are coming. i thi that's a nice thing, and it must makethe family fe good, too. >> court hay hazlett , thank yo. >> rter: thank you. >>and we will talk about the potential custody battle brewing out there for h three children. > and advisorypresident bid is iraq for two-da visit. he met wi u.s. troops following the llout of all u.s. force and tom, thevice president is set to meet with iraqi predent and ime minister as well. reporter: eah, a sand storm athe moment,d that h affected the tripsomewhat.
8:38 am
he was actually in a helicopter early this mning f ameeting with the amssador he, christophill. and with the top u.s. military commander when suenly they canceled the helicter saying it was too dangerous to fly. and theyd the meting out the camp victory. and that will be the coursof action for the rest of the day. politicians will have to trave out to the camp toee theice esident. he is the oba point man for the pullout. and remembery are all supposed to be withdra by next summer, and thenll 133,000of them scheduled to be outf the country by the endf 2011. and so t vice president has his hands full on this trying to achiev politic reconciliation between the iraqis and keep close eye on what the amecan military progress is with the withdrawal of e american rces. >> thank ytom, and od to see yo today a mother's efforts to protect her cld from an
8:39 am
alleged bully may send her to jail. she believed he daughter was being harassed by a fellow classmate. her an to protect her child invoed placing a sexd on craig's list. and they were respondin to the add of a 9-year-old girl that she thought wa harassing her child. and he is a phone caller child enter reesented. hot lady lives with fox ma. an i told him this h lady you are ferring to is a 9-year-o, and the man hung up. >> and she faces child endangerment and harassment charges. anthey are hopinthis videotape can helpm track down a couple suspects that drove a truck into a gun store and took off with stolen guns. still ahead, can she forgive
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had a great day, g grandpa! we sure did. ask your doctor hohow adva helps improve e lung funion for bebetter brehing. (announcer) findut how to get your rst full prescription n ee at we are followiwi brabi brabingbreaking newswsight n how of michigan where therare reportrtof a hotelel standoff. popolice evacuateted the hotel. it's the bes western hotel nr the metropaulon airport. and apparently thehe nman was volved in a car chase. this happened at 2:00 i ithe mornintoday, local time. and this gunman aer the car chase eed up at the best westernn hotel. and there are reportrts the mans in a second flooror room..
8:44 am
he puld off the hihighway and rann on foot int the hotetel. he was armed witith a riifle ate time. and the repepts are that this man is in a secd floor rm. we will continue to flow ts anbring you more updates as ey cme into ourews roomom. wh a we for embabattled sosouth carona governor, m mark sanford, after making more admissions aboutut crossing the line wit women oerhan his mistress. s wife says she is willinto forgive him. and the authoririties determine he didid notisuse moy in his travels to south america. >> we have found noo imoper use ofofublic nds. >> chchs a a matt, good see yoyou.
8:45 am
political l repooliticico reporn saying hehould go. can he hold on? >> i think t that h is going ho on, if nothing else, o of abstence, if for no other r reason. politicalllly, his career iss oe i thinhe realized that. my g gss is he will y and weather the storm andfinish his term. the be thing for the reblican partrty, at least for ththe south carolina republican party would d be for h to regn. i don'n'see tt happening. i amnot sure thehe reblicans in south cacarolina mht listete to your advice, butn all honely, i tnk govovernor nford should take the advicice of t tee words. shut up already. he has tataed so much ababout thisand i thhk it would be best for h h if he laidid low, d if he wants t tbe governoror, g
8:46 am
back to being governor. >>ou mention h his wif and she ma this statememt. mark s stated s intent and determination is to save our marriage andnd me amamends with the people of south carolina. i hope he can mke goodn these intentions. does that save her with the voters? >> theact that hiswife is willing to forgive him? that a very important part of this in this case, thihis is about marriage tweenark sanford, and his fe, jenny. it involves theirr you boys.s. >> and a lo of other people ass well, as he has told thehe publ. >> that'sshe prlem. whenpeople makehese transgressions, theyeyhink ty mighght be able t to stay inin mple fashion d it has become ch a public and d detailed ing at wen . it's l le big brother south carolina, and i tired of
8:47 am
hearing aboutt it andnd the resf the americann people ares welel. and focus on being vernor, a and don't giveus any more details abt the w wan that he has fallen inlove with. >> chris, is that an areahere u two willl agree, ststalking already, andndhe adadmissio of ossing the line, andnd i was too much. >> i thinknk voters tendto like their politicic candides not to be reminiscscent omance novels or realityv shows. honesty is goodthing, andnd this went too far in giving peoplele a window into what he a feeling.g. at the end of the ay, it's simple. esn'tatter ifyou are republican or decrat. an voters wantt you to govern and lead. whatat peole are seeing hereis he cannot balance hisersonal and d ofessial life, and you
8:48 am
have sn this on the posititns he has take whether i it'sthe rejejeion ofhe stimus, orr taking off >>great to see you both, gentlelen, thk you. and aaa reporting theheumber ofof americatraveling 50 milile or more duringhe july 4th holiday will drop to a new three-yeyear lo cheap g prices a a not translating to more pepele hitttting throad these days. anand as we have l nonoiced, ty are up 9% since m morial day. and the july fourthth holiday i typilly theusiest te of ththe year f a auto trave there e are many reasons to celebre the fourth ofjuly, ininuding dy libertyty and acss was rtricted after september 11thth and that is the statue coming to us f from the topop of the rock mera.
8:49 am
dhat's a great lens. the weather in mayay and june h bebe down right crappy,y, nice, for many parts othe country. and let's get the weather from ll karins. i don thinknk that i have heardhe word crrpy ever ud on tvnews. >> yeah, let stop sayg it, because i am gettingnervous.. >> let's take aa look at t the morning. you are heheading o to wor yoyou are ke the rest ofs. kansas city y is the tuble spot. shers and lightng strikes nearby. there could bebe airport delays possibly there. and atlanta, 45 minute d delays bebecause o volume. and e weather is perfe in atlanta, so hofully they wiwill play catctchup during the day. and then chances ofhowers and storms f fm nework up towards boston, and also up in t nortrn plains.. how doesour saturdadalook, the foth of jululy look, the only
8:50 am
concern ththat i hav is maybebe chicago or st. louis, somewhere inetween there willll be showers and storms,monica. overl, much of the countryry is looking goood. that's's the o oy possibible sp where they m be borderlineto have t to do it aother day. >> bill,ice tie. that yoyo fourthof july special?l? >> yeah, it's company issueued holidays.. >> thanks, ill. > still ahead the pololitica fallt from the dmal job number that's whehen msnbc turns.
8:51 am
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a n arartiee on political says new mbmber thiseeek on thth job front are notpainting th picture docrats would lkeke to sesee, especially now that ty arare e papayy power. the 5% umpmpyment rate i is givivi r replilins a k argumentntgagast the dococrac congressssororaaing to bringng the economy ouou of recession
8:54 am
the six months s sin t stimulus bill passed. and ex, howow much souterr do te latest job nunumbss give publicans? i i tnk what it gives repupuicicanis a little b of room to makeke an alternative ararment. if people were titiied with ththe democratic congress a ande ill satisfied witith ee job perforormae e the popular president,t, i would be diffifiu for a alternativeto come out. anand ghgh now,ththey have a little b bitofof wiggle room. > a t ty addressing the job numberss in the sense that nono only did they t tkk about the rerecory, but they lklked abou thumber of jobs t tha would be savedd or createte sofafa we are sllllcocoinuing toto le e bs? >> llll, what the addmiststraon is trying to argue rhtht now is that yeye we are stilill lolosi jojobsbut losing themess fast than whatee usedto be l losg g
8:55 am
ththemanand at suggests thher might bebe recovering down the adad. and the presesenent s sayiing it's not just the stimulus to recover the economymy b but als instments like energy investments. so thehihi house has a a agea of its ownththey want t t sh. >>nd eenentily, the previous admininisttitioni heard it as a taing point this mioio o of we inherented thihis problem. ishat helping g ththm? well, i tinin most amemerinsn rerecoize this administratatio still l ss n been around for all that long. en if some o of ee emotional discontent f f t theush admininirarati's job fad.d. and mostst people ar recocoizi ththisididot just start sterday on or january 2 2th. >> thank you.. it's aii of the times. the presididensasa he gets daily prers on hisis blkbkbry.
8:56 am
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